Stone & Retaining Wall

Stone & Retaining Wall

Stateside Construction & Masonry will design retaining walls, stacked stone walls, boulder walls, masonry walls – and more!

Your home is a perfect place for which to plan, design, construct and integrate a stone wall into your landscape and to continue the tradition. Stateside Construction & Masonry has skilled and thoughtful architects with the vision, land planning and project management experience to make this a reality.

How about giving your lawn a stepped layer, with a major retaining wall overhaul? Spice up the garden with some smaller stone walls. Create an outdoor yoga studio or spice up the pool area. Design a new courtyard, add steps and stairs leading up to the house or add a Zen walking and meditation spot. Whatever stone – or combination of stones you choose – you want it to be just as beautiful in 50 years.

Why Choose Us? We Are A “One-Stop” Outfit!

From design, to choice of stone to installation, we are the “one-stop-shop” project managers. Don’t rely on ordinary contractors. Hiring a landscape architect to design and execute a stone wall project the right way is the smartest – and safest route.

Among our stone wall choices:


A relationship exists between the elements and your natural and manmade landscapes, and a consistency between them and your new structure is required of any good design plan. That’s where we come in. We will design your wall to move against existing objects so it fits seamlessly. Our goal is not just to make your stone wall appealing. We design for safety, functionality and that “hardscaped” look that gives a home direction, and lasting character.

Stone Retaining Walls, Shaped Walls, Steps, Stairs, Landings and More! Long-Lasting Character

Retaining walls can be more complex and their main function, to hold back or retain soil and earth, brings the imperative of proper planning and placement well before construction begins. Your project will require building code permits, and depending on the size of the wall, you’ll need an expert to provide the details for dimensions, materials, reinforcement, drainage, slope and other matters.

If your project requires an engineering plan we can work closely with any of those technical specialist as well.

We offer full project management from start to finish. We will share ideas and options you may not have thought about – ideas that could save you money, or shed creativity in design you never dreamed of. Our initial design consultation is free!

Integrating Stone walls as a Design Element or Retaining Feature Requires the Proper Design and Planning of a Credentialed Landscape Architect

The “one-stop” stone wall and retaining wall planning and design-build architectural firm in New Jersey is Stateside Construction & Masonry. We are the one’s to consult when it’s time to make your home something extra special with the addition of a stone wall or retaining wall into your landscaping project. Check out our website and see our entire portfolio of work & services we provide and then call us for a free consultation, (908) 943-1521 or send us an enquiry through our free quote tab.